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Civil X Trinity Friends of Adrian Hall Fundraiser Deck



Fundraiser Deck

The Civil X Trinity skate decks will be available for sale starting Saturday May 4th.  They will be available at all Civil store locations and online here.

For every $50 deck sold, there will be a $40 donation toward Phase 2 of the Trinity expansion:  $20 from Civil and $20 from Providence Parks.

Graphic by Buck Hastings of Providence Painted Sign.  Insert printed by DWI Letterpress.


photos by Zach Baker


The Birth of Trinity Skate Spot

The Trinity skate spot is a city sanctioned skateboard spot nestled in between Trinity Rep and Trinity Brewhouse on Adrian Hall Way in Providence Rhode Island.   The project transformed a neglected outdoor space into a productive public park.  The space is cared for by the Friends of Adrian Hall.

Phase One was planned and built by Will Cornwall with funding from Levi’s and Quartersnacks.   Additional funding provided by The Build Bucket project from DLXSF.


Concept B


Phase Two Expansion

Phase Two funding provided by the Hawk Foundation with donations from Civil and Providence Parks.  A special thanks to Jim Thiebaud for his involvement.

This new construction will transform Trinity into a skateboard plaza – a park-like space incorporating skateable features.