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Adidas/// × Pop Trading Company – Release DEC 2


Adidas/// × Pop Trading Company

Releases: 12/2/23 Online at 12:00am EST (Friday into Saturday) In Store in PVD ONLY

POP Superstar| FTW White/Collegiate Navy/FTW White | $110.00

POP TRX Vintage | Collegiate Navy/FTW White/Chalk White | $110.00

POP Beckenbauer Track Top | Collegiate Navy/Chalk White | $110.00

POP Beckenbauer Track Pant | Collegiate Navy/Chalk White | $90.00

For the second drop of the Pop Trading Company collection, and furthering Pop’s tongue-in-cheek style of humour, they created the Pop Training facility. The film takes a look through a young applicants eyes as he tours the facility and checks out the in-depth training programs, strict drills and extreme lifestyle the pupils must follow, to not only improve their pop, but master their life. All pupils are issued a uniform upon their induction, they must comply with all rules and regulations, and are closely watched by the facility staff members who tolerate nothing.

There are two uniforms that are worn within the Pop Training facility, one by the staff who wear the multi-functional TRX Vintage with the archive classic Beckenbauer Track Top and Pants. Extra items included the SS Polo and SL Cap when needed. Upon enrolment, the pupils are given their uniform, which comprises of Superstars, zipped-off Beckenbauer pants, as training can be intense, and the Classic Tee paired with crew socks. They are free to choose one of the three colours of socks and, post exercises and drills, they are also allowed to wear the Track Top within the facility.

Campaign film shot on location in the Netherlands.


  • Rodrigo TX
  • Maite Steenhoudt
  • Vincent Milou
  • Felipe Gustavo
  • Dwight Hoogendijk
  • Issey Kumatani
  • Willem Van Dyke
  • Alex Raeymaekers
  • Noah Bunink
  • & More