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Don’t forget to have your snowboard tuned up before the season starts!

Featuring a state of the art Wintersteiger Micro 91 snowboard tuner, and a staff that has been repairing Rhode Island’s snowboards since the mid 90’s, Civil can get your snowboard fixed up like new. Our standard tune up includes a base grind (to remove small imperfections and flatten the base), edge sharpening, edge polish and de-tuning, stone grind (makes the board glide properly and prolong the life of the base), and hand iron hot wax….all for $35.

The shop also repairs base, edge, sidewall & topsheet damage, edge sharpening and hot waxing, as well as boot/binding part replacement. We can offer quick turnaround, but encourage our customers to leave their boards with us for a few days so that we can get everything dialed to perfection. Most of our repairs and services are finished by hand to ensure optimal performance.


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