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NB Numeric x 303 Boards x Jeremy Fish – Release MAY 3


303 Boards x Jeremy Fish x Numeric 480 “Silly Pink Bunnies”

Releasing May 3 at 12:00am EST Online (Thursday into Friday)

Colorway: |Brown/Pink|

Release Date: |May 3, 2024|

Location: |EG Shop & Online|

Retail: |$130.00|

Sizes: |9-12|


303 Boards, a Colorado skateshop, teamed up with New Balance for a special project. This collaboration resulted in a unique edition of Numeric 480 sneakers. These shoes feature designs by renowned illustrator Jeremy Fish. The partnership combines skate culture and artistic expression seamlessly.

Much like past collaborative pairs, the design is inspired by Fish’s “Silly Pink Bunny” sculpture, an art installation in San Fransisco that’s thought of as a symbol for surrounding communities. The original sculpture was destroyed in 2013 and replaced by a new bronze version thanks to over $50,000 in grassroots fundraising, but not before Fish and other locals held a funeral for the old one. Needless to say, the “Silly Pink Bunny” holds reverence.

The shoe itself features pink suede on the “N” logo and collar, naturally, complemented by brown leather and yellow canvas at the base. Decorative leaf patterns adorn the lateral and medial sides up top, while a debossed Jolly Roger presents on the leather portion of the heel, perhaps as a tongue-in-cheek callback to the old sculpture that was torn down. All pairs also come with “SBP” lace dubraes and metal hangtags made to look like a bunny but with a Numeric 480 as the torso.

It incorporates leather, pigskin, and mesh materials reminiscent of ’80s and ’90s skate styles. These shoes are designed for skating and everyday wear, offering durability and style. Notable details include custom lace dubraes with “SPB” and a unique keychain. The aged midsole and gum rubber outsole add a nostalgic touch.

In conclusion, the collaboration between 303 Boards, Jeremy Fish, and New Balance brings forth a fusion of skateboarding heritage and artistic innovation. The Numeric 480 sneakers offer both functionality and style, catering to skateboarders and sneaker enthusiasts alike. Don’t miss out on this captivating release on May 3rd!

Product Details

  • FuelCell foam delivers a propulsive feel to help drive you forward
  • Reinforced toe cap designed for skating
  • Style inspired by heritage basketball shoes
  • Leather/Pigskin/Mesh
  •   480 grams (16.9 oz)


  • Durable leather construction