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Evoker “Lenny” Window


Our friend Evoker just painted the window at our East Greenwich store to showcase his latest project with Civil.  The “Protect Ya Neck” graphic was inspired by everyone’s favorite shop dog:  Lenny.

Lenny’s saga is up there with the best hip hop rags to riches stories.  He was born and raised in the hood, and spent his early years in Lafayette Louisiana:  dodging bullets and trying to stay fed.  Lenny finally broke out of the ghetto in 2010 after being adopted through a Daschund rescue network.  His journey began when a Good Samaritan found him on the side of a Louisiana highway.  Unfortunately, Lenny was in pretty rough shape and had to be treated for Heartworm and a bullet lodged in his neck, among other things.  But he was placed in a loving foster home, given medical care, and eventually put up for adoption through Rescue Road Trips.

Since his big move to the north, Lenny has had a clean bill of health.  It took him a little while to get comfortable around people again, and hanging out at Civil has really helped him come out of his shell.

Over the last few years Lenny has really started to embrace his new-found baller lifestyle, but he’ll never forget where he came from and that you always have to protect ya neck.

T-shirts featuring the “Lenny” graphic are available now at all three Civil locations and online here.

New Civil X Evoker “Lenny” shop decks coming very soon.