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Civil Family Scores Nominations at 17th Transworld Riders Poll

We are incredibly proud to have our bro’s and sis clean up the nominations at the Transworld Snowboarding’s 17th Annual Riders’ Poll.  The winners will be announced at SIA in Denver Colorado on Friday.


The Yawgoons were nonimated for Online Video Series of the Year

Dylan Gamache was nonimated for Standout Performance Of The Year

Mary Rand was nomiated for:  Women’s Readers’ Choice, Women’s Video Part Of The Year, and Women’s Rider Of The Year!

Click here for the complete list of the Transworld Snowboarding Riders’ Poll nominees.


Catch videos of the winners at TWSNOW.com/riderspoll and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @TWSNOW and #TWRIDERSPOLL for live coverage.

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